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While I was absent from the House of Two Bows, RJ received a fantastic package in the mail from Patrick, the company owner of the Original Salmon Ears which we reviewed last month, and which you, dear reader, showed such keen interest in. We were not compensated then for our honest review, but apparently, Patrick liked it so much that he sent us some jumbo packs to try out, on the house!

JUMBO CUT boxes of Salmon Ears

If I thought the 5 ounce packages were generous, the 8 ounce boxes are even more so… so much that RJ was caught unawares. Apparently, he opened a pack without realizing what he was getting himself into. After doling out an initial sample, he realized that he didn’t have a good place to store the extra large pieces, and he couldn’t just leave them sitting out within nose-shot because the Bows were stalking him, bug-eyed by the OMG-GIANT!! pieces of salmon skin he was holding. But he was on his way out the door. So he rather hurriedly broke down the sheets and stuffed them into one of the Bows’ treat tubs.

Salmon Ears stuffed into a tub

Fish scales had flown everywhere by the time he was done. Delicacy of action is not one of RJ’s virtues, I must admit… Had I been present, I would have instructed him just to stick the remaining pieces in the freezer, and let me deal with it later, as the skins are less oily and easier to manage after they’ve been chilled.

It’s a good idea to keep them in a chill place anyway, as this significantly extends the shelf life of these preservative-free treats. Patrick also let me know that the company is working on an order fulfillment system that essentially dehydrates the skins within a few days of each order to ensure that the freshest treats are being shipped out. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me!

Little niblet

Anyway, we received far more than we can consume (reasonably, anyway — both Bows act as if they could happily gorge themselves on a whole box as a meal), so we’re paying it forward. We’re giving away THREE full boxes of Salmon Ears to three randomly selected winners. To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is comment with the name of a dog movie (or tell me about a dog in a movie, as regular readers will know that I have fairly broad definitions for what counts). I don’t care if you crib from my list or repeat a suggestion — just name a dog film that you find particularly memorable, that you’d like to see reviewed, or even one that you’d like to review yourself for a possible guest blog. I’m all ears (har har)!

One entry per person per household, please — although you can list as many dog movies as you’d like. This offer open to cats and ferrets as well, since they apparently really like Salmon Ears too. Okay, fine, if you want to name me a cat or ferret movie, that counts as an entry.

This giveaway will end FRIDAY, August 31st at 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time. Winners will be announced next Monday. Please make sure that you enter a valid e-mail address in the comment form (not shown publicly) so that I can contact you for an appropriate mailing address, should you be a winner.

Due to the nature of the product, this giveaway is limited to mailing addresses in the United States only. Sorry! I hate to leave anyone out of such a nice opportunity, but the USPS is fickle like that…

Who's got the biggest Salmon Ears?

Please accept Bowpi’s apologetic Basenji-crinkles instead.