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A couple months back, I answered a transport call for a Jindo in need. Since then, I’ve found myself on alert lists for Jindos and mixes in California shelters. I’m a little overwhelmed by how frequently they show up, especially relative to how sporadically I used to hear about the breed. Suddenly, I feel like I see them everywhere — including the dog park, though I’ve previously found Jindo meetings to be a more unexpected occurrence.

14 May 2012 Jindo?

This white (albino?) Jindo (Edit: according to the owners) has such a serious countenance and elegant legs. His body shape threw me off at first, until I learned from The Girl with the Gae‘s very informative site that lean figures comprise a type of Jindo. Even if his pigmentation and proportions don’t fit the breed standard, he really catches my attention every time.

Shiba chases Jindo

This one is a Jindo for sure — his owner has corrected me enough times that I’ve finally learned to note the difference. Bowdu follows in pursuit.

And this one I think is an imposter…

2 June 2012 Like a GIANT Shiba!

But what an uncanny resemblance to an Asian spitz! If he is a Shiba (which I doubt), he’d be a monster — compare him to Bowdu, who’s already on the big side at 30 pounds.

T-ing off

Bowdu tried to push his buttons, “T-ing off” as he sometimes does with those breeds too similar to his own and -HEYNOFAIR!- bulkier . Luckily, the other guy was too cool to care.

Head and butt

If I recall correctly, his owners adopted him as a “mix” of unknown parentage, and I suppose it’s possible that his resemblance to a Shiba or a Jindo is purely due to genetic happenstance. I’m just tickled by how much this guy looks even more like a “giant Shiba” than even a Japanese Akita.

I freely admit my preferences for certain physical types. Maybe that’s why I noticed these dogs, regardless of what breed or mix they are. That said, the leaner looking Jindos really appeal to me. Besides, it’s hard to resist adoptables like these two sisters:

Sarghee & Soogenie, two adoptable Jindo sisters (picture by Two Dog Farms)

Sarghee and Soogenie (Anglicized names Susy and Sarah) are currently seeking a more long-term foster or ideally, a loving adopter in Sacramento/Northern California through Two Dog Farms. Inquire at the link if you’ve got space for these girls!