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This is part of my ongoing effort to track our pet finances here at the House of Two Bows. Previous posts in the series can be found under the category of finances.

24 June 2012

The Cost of (Pet) Things for July 2012:

  • Food: $111
  • Treats: $20
  • Accessories and misc: $22
  • Vet & Medical: $19
  • TOTAL: $163 (running average for 2012 ~ $151 / month)

Spent a lot on food and treats because it was apparently the month for deals. Got a free bag of Fromm’s with a regular price purchase, and Honest Kitchen was buy-one-get-one-half-off at the local chain. Suffice to say, we’re well supplied for a long while.

Meanwhile, Bowdu’s ID tag fell off sometime this month in some freak mishap. I have no idea what happened to it — I never heard it clink on the ground, he didn’t get snagged on anything as far I know, and his rabies tag is still attached to his collar, so who knows where it went. Anyway, he needed an immediate replacement. Also under accessories and miscellany is another pack of poop bags.

In vet fees, Bowpi got her three-year DHPP booster at the weekend clinic. It would have been about twice as much at our regular vet.