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To offset the downer of the previous dog park entry, here’s some nice shots of relaxed, cool, nonchalant, well-mannered dogs just hanging out.


Heads and haunch

The owner of these sighthounds says she checks the blog from time to time and wonders why I never post the pictures I take of her dogs. They’re a hard group to get in focus! The majority of my shots on any given day end up being deleted. I’m usually too spellbound to catch them just standing around, looking gorgeous.


These guys weren’t interested in standing still.


This ACD was A-OK with chilling.

Asking for tummy scritchesWho told you to stop?

This one had a totally irresistible belly, and such an indignant, expectant look when I stopped scritching. You can tell even though the shot isn’t focused on his face.

Drawing the line

Bowdu met another Shiba named Kuma. They casually established their terms right at the outset, and got along just fine.

Dior meets Bowpi

And Bowpi met another Basenji named Dior — a rare female B who wasn’t intent on eating her for lunch!

Dior the Basenji