14 April 2005
Bowdu as a puppy, photo taken by Kevin

One thing that Bowdu has had ever since he was a puppy…

14 April 2012 Bowdu's blanket

… is this blanket, laundered and photographed exactly seven years after that first picture.

My mother, ever susceptible to chilly weather (even in subtropical Taiwan) is always stuffing random throw blankets and extra jackets into my luggage to make sure I’m warm enough wherever I’m going. This fringed flannel thing is totally not my style, so I’m pretty sure it’s one of her afterthought blankets. Amusing — Bowdu’s baby blanket comes from mom, given how opposed she was to his arrival in the first place!

Don’t know where that choke chain is anymore though. We ditched that one as soon as we found something more escape-proof, but at the time, a metal choke was all we knew to try. And no, we weren’t popping his puppy neck with it. He was just wearing his ‘bling’ around the house to get accustomed to having something on his neck, though it would be quite some time before we were able to properly leash-train him.

What object has been with your dog(s) the longest?