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Here’s the hottest new toy of 1931 promoted by the Home Laundering Training Association, as advertised in the May 12th edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun in Japan.

Crying dog toy

This Spaniel-headed larva is modeled after a German toy that was supposedly quite popular at the time. You grip the grub’s “body” and squeeze, causing the puppy to yelp. Over and over. Whee!

Because, you know, squeezing puppies provides so much enrichment for young minds.

If toys help chart the developmental potential of children, what the hell is this toy supposed to teach?! I’d rather have my sticks and yarn, thanks.

Some toys of yesteryear are a far cry from what kids these days can purchase.

The multiple layers of work-performance-work-play that can be unpacked by this artifact kind of blow my mind. When a kid can waltz into a Walmart and instantly equip their dollhouse with an entire dog agility play set, it’s clear to me that dog culture is very much a part of our sociological imagination.