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Haven’t done one of these in a while… so let’s kick off this weekend with another eclectic mix of dog songs.

14 May 2012

Like a Puppy To Your Side: Dog Songs Mix 4 (click to open mix in a new window)

  • ESG: Erase You (Puppy to Your Side) [Dance to the Best of ESG, Fire UK (2010, orig. 1991)]. We’ll start with a song that has little to do with dogs, though it does contain the appropriately sassy lines, “[You] think I should jump / like a puppy to your side / Well I got news for you, fellas! / Get real! / I’m gon’ erase you…” Towards the end, there’s some rough barking vocals for emphasis.
  • Dean Milan: Do It Like a Dog [Unknown album]. I have no words for this… funky little dance number.
  • George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars: Pepe [Dope Dogs, Cabana Boy/Ka (1998)]. One of the more listenable songs on an otherwise eye-rollingly asinine George Clinton concept album about drug-sniffing dogs who become addicted to their own scores. Despite the kid rapping on this track, it’s still not FCC safe — describes an excretory act.
  • Yoshimi & Yuka: SPY said ONE [Flower With No Color, Ipecac (2003)]. Yoshimi P-We of The Boredoms and OOIOO and Yuka Honda of Cibo Matto, etc. team up for a most pleasant experiment in ambient noise music. This 9-minute long, meandering track is notable for sampling live Japanese temple dogs about halfway through. Made The Bows react.
  • Ween: Fluffy [12 Golden Country Greats, Elektra (1996)]. A sincere tune done in the spirit of country odes to good dogs gone.
  • Bonzo Dog Doo-dah Band: Old Tige [Pour L’Amour Des Chiens, Phantom Sound and Vision (2007)]. Satirical and darkly humorous take on the above genre.
  • Grandpa Jones: Rattler’s Pup [Country Music Hall of Fame Series: Grandpa Jones (1992, orig. 1956)]. Here’s some real country picking, with a more optimistic twist — celebrating the pup sired by a good dog.
  • Ozzie Waters: I’d Like to Give My Dog to Uncle Sam [American War Songs 1933 – 1947: Hitler and Hell, Trikont (2005)]. German label Trikont had a marvelous series of Flashback compilations showcasing some of the oddities of yesteryear. This maudlin tune was really designed to tug at the heartstrings of patriotic saps. Probably a bit much, eh?

Note: Tracks are hosted on 8tracks.com, which streams each track in full but does not permit downloads and randomizes the track order after the second play. Previous dog song compilations can be found under the category Sound and Music.