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Sifting through a stash of pictures from Bowdu’s Taiwan days taken by our friend, I found a random shot that made me howl with laughter and horror.

8 April 2005 So not a puppy-proofed home
8 April 2005, photo taken by Kevin

This is from Bowdu’s first week with us, but by the time this was taken, we already had several days to get our shit together. With all those electrical cords, remote control and bags of tissue and scissors and full mugs of hot beverages so close to the edge of the coffee table, and mosquito zapper on the floor, it’s a wonder that we survived puppyhood at all.

Well, at least we never left the mosquito zapper plugged in and unattended with the pup. It did have a safety screen and automatic shut-off function, too. And Bowdu never developed a taste for cords, though the legs of some pieces of furniture did suffer in our absence.

This is why I’m relatively forgiving of newbie mistakes. Obviously, I have no room to talk.