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Thanks to Shio and Emi and Kaiju‘s people, a whole bunch of Shiba people in the U.S. now have our very own Field Point Shiba Key Covers.

Field Point Shiba key cover

Possession of this object initiates you into some weird public cult. Instead of flashing these things at each other as we pass by wordlessly on the street, we post them on our blogs.

My clutch of keys is now doubly decorated with Shibas. The personalized key ring came from Shiba Goods World (柴小物專門店) in Taiwan. They used to have a Facebook page, but disappeared some time back… I think they may have regrouped under a couple other names.

Shibafied clutch of keys

Unfortunately, Basenji trinkets that suit my tastes are generally harder to find. This is just as well, lest the house become dangerously overloaded with kitschy dog breed knickknacks and even more unnecessary (but totally cute) gewgaws!

21 June 2012 Presence aplenty

Who needs *stuff* when the Bows already have such presence?