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When you see a chunk of meat packaged in such a portion size, how can you NOT think it’s obviously meant for a lucky dog?

On Tinkerwolf.com, the blog of a raw-fed Chihuahua named Ted, the Bows were recently featured as #151 and #152 of 1000 raw-fed dogs that the blog author aims to collect.

If you’d like to submit pictures of your dog for their ongoing project, click here.

Ground turkey, boiled white rice, supplements, half a hard-boiled eggHonest Kitchen Embark (Turkey) + raw chicken liver, heart, gizzards

Speaking of tinkering… I’m trying to make some improvements to the dogs’ diets, as I realize I’m all over the map about what and how I feed them. I compiled a list of every brand and type of protein that the Bows have eaten for main meals over the years, and was a little boggled by the length of my own list.

Here’s my rundown of what the Bows have eaten, in no particular order. Bolded brands are in regular rotation:

Hill’s Science Diet (Bowdu’s first years)
Kibbles ‘n’ Bits Wholesome Medley (Bowpi with her previous owner)
Natural Balance
Blue Buffalo
Taste of the Wild
Primal Raw
Grandma Lucy’s
Honest Kitchen
Freshpet / Vital
lamb (cooked and raw)
salmon (cooked, also roe)
pork (cooked and raw)
raw turkey (especially necks, tails, organs)
raw chicken (all parts)
raw whole sardines
raw whole mackerel
raw whole anchovies
raw smelt (rejected by both dogs)
raw quail
raw ostrich
X beef X (neither dog has done well at ALL with beef, either raw, cooked, or in kibble form)
raw duck
raw rabbit
raw grinds from Creston Valley Meat (combos of the aforementioned) with supplements
Castor & Pollux Organix
Great Life
By Nature
… and home-cooked mishmashes of the occasional appropriate leftovers from human dinners.

Though I maintain that variety and a healthy combination of fresh foods is good for them, I think I’m leaning too hard on supplements to round out their nutritional needs. They appear to be doing well on whatever they’re eating now… but I’m reaching for better.