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Sometimes, the dogs eat what I eat… sort of.

My sister treated me to dim sum for my birthday a while back, and one thing I ordered was coagulated pork blood congee, cooked with slivers of ginger.

3 June 2012 Congee with pork blood (for humans)

I was inspired to put something like it together for the dogs:

14 June 2012 Hunk of coagulated pork blood

14 June 2012 Congee for dogs with pork's blood

Obviously, they get more blood and less rice. I couldn’t actually find the nutritional values for pork blood (assume lots of iron!). I just added it as a topper to a couple dollops of Honest Kitchen.

Honest Kitchen + hunk of pork blood

It was a hit, even with Bowpi, who can be a bit finicky about ungulates. Will serve again!