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This is how the Bows wait for breakfast.

5 June 2012 Ready for breakfast

Mornings are usually pretty mellow, especially during the summer. It’s dinner that comes with a song and dance.

Video taken 29 November 2011

Some of you might remember the solo version of Bowdu’s “Gimme my dinner!” song. Back then, I’d lock Bowpi in her room as I prepared their meals in order to control the Shiba’s food aggression. The Bows are always fed in separate rooms, not in crates. Bowdu gets front row seats to dinner prep. Before, Bowdu would attack Bowpi when she came to check out the kitchen. After they figured out each others’ thresholds in the presence of food (this took about a year), we started letting Bowpi linger during dinner assembly time.

Bowdu has an amazing falsetto. He will flash his fangs at Bowpi to remind her not to get pushy (the hypocrite). I let him make all the ugly faces he wants as long as he keeps his butt planted and I don’t see him leaning.

Bowpi paces and circles and sometimes grunts, but neither Bowdu or I let her get underfoot.

This happens pretty much every night. Somehow, without my explicit encouragement, Bowdu’s song just became more embellished, to the point that this has become some kind of strange household ritual.

And yes, I’m afraid the Shiba’s still a tubby hypothyroid chunklet, holding steady at 30 pounds on approximately 10 ounces of food a day!