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One of the most common, yet completely inaccurate breed mis-identifications for Bowpi is Ridgeback. I think people have a vague sense that she’s some kind of African breed, and when they see her B-ridge all bristled up, a Rhodesian Ridgeback just comes to mind.

14 May 2012 African eye-to-eye

As you can see, they are very different dogs…

14 May 2012 Sizing up

… from head to tail.

14 May 2012 Like a snake in the grass

They seem to be very common around these parts. I’m surprised they don’t crack any official lists of top breeds for the area (though they do appear on San Diego and Austin’s lists). Perhaps if the stats were not tallied by AKC registration figures, but by number relative to overall population in the country, we’d see them up there?

14 May 2012

I like the way these guys are built — muscly and lithe, a moderate balance of power and speed. Though most at the dog park trot pretty close alongside their owners, the ones we’ve gotten to meet up close are charmers, indeed.

14 May 2012