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While things are “slow” here at the House of Two Bows (still got enough shorter, pre-drafted posts to maintain our M-W-F schedule!), I thought I’d spread some link love by sharing other Bay Area and Northern California Shiba Inu blogs. For whatever reason, we are a strangely cohesive, social networking-oriented breed community.

In no particular order…

5 May 2012 Bowdu meets Maya

Eat, Play, Love: Maya the (Long-haired) Shiba (above! and at the very bottom of this post)

Sinjin the Shiba Wanderer, with Sienna

Demon Dog: Prince Zuko’s blog

Suki, canine sidekick of professional photographer Jonathan Fleming

He’s Ichigo! (pictured below)

4 June 2011 Worlds collide

Life with Kai the Shiba (bonus: potent adorability on this entry with puppy Shiba and two Basenjis!)

Severus the Super Shiba (hasn’t been updated in a while, but we hope our fellow allergic Shiba is doing well!)

My Shiba is a Diva

Maggie the Mini Shiba (whose photos are actually in focus, as opposed to mine, below)

16 April 2012 Maggie the mini Shiba

And let’s not forget all the Shibas spotted by The Dogs of San Francisco. No, it’s not every day that one spots a Shiba… but around here, you do see them with some frequency.

Did I miss any local Shiba blogs? Let me know!

5 May 2012 The long and the short of it