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Film: Just Around the Corner
Director: Irving Cummings
Performers: Shirley Temple, Joan Davis, Bert Lahr, Bill Robinson
Breeds featured: Afghan Hounds, Borzoi, Poodles (standard and toy), Pekingese, Bedlington Terrier (brief), Greyhound (brief), Wire Fox Terrier (brief), Old English Sheepdog (brief)
Production Information: 20th Century Fox, 1938 (USA)

In Just Around the Corner, Shirley Temple assists the maintenance crew at a posh Manhattan apartment where the children’s playroom consists of a grand piano, ping-pong, and card tables, and the basement garage level houses a doggy grooming and boarding center. Clients include a rowdy pair of Afghan Hounds, Borzoi, Pekingese, Bedlington Terrier, and a toy poodle that walks on its front paws.

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The DVD version I saw has options to watch in black and white or in a colorized restoration, which I thought was nicely done for the most part. Some of the yellows, golds, and fawn colors look off to me, but somehow I associate these softened hues with yesteryear, so it was all appropriate to my eyes.

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