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Bowpi had a vet appointment last week to take a look at a pimple or wart-like bump on her front left leg that’s been there since September. We really hadn’t thought much of it because it was small, didn’t seem to be growing or changing color, and it didn’t appear to be hurting her or itching. Occasionally she would lick it, but since it was usually quite easy to distract her, we figured she was bothering it simply because it was there. At any rate, we weren’t alarmed. Neither was the last vet who took a look at it.

However, allergies have kicked up in the last month for both Bows. As Bowpi’s been licking the tops of her toes, she’s also gravitated more frequently towards that bump, to the point that it did start to swell and look angry. This time, we had the vet poke it and look at the cells, which didn’t reveal any cause for alarm. She called it a lick granuloma, which I hadn’t thought to call it since Bowdu’s previous lick granuloma had looked so much worse. But indeed, that describes the little pink bead — a lesion with a thickened layer that’s basically sitting on the surface of her skin, but it’s not growing into her or anything.

Lick granuloma

We got a 60 mL spritzer bottle of Betagen (Gentamicin Sulfate with Betamethasone Valerate), an antibiotic and light topical corticosteroid/anti-inflammatory to put on just this spot. Yup, turning to a prescription drug to chase away this one spot that wasn’t going away on its own.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busting out the baby wipes and Honest Kitchen Sparkle to deal with the Bows’ other pink parts.

22 April 2012: Pink parts

Her toenails are permanently warped thanks to her previous owner(s) who didn’t trim her nails or walk her enough. We are still in the process of training back her quicks, which has been a lot easier since we got the Dremel. Anyway, the tops of her toes and both her front legs…

22 April 2012 Itchy back feet

… and her back legs have been licked a bit raw lately. Currently, lots of new things are in bloom, so I’m hoping it’s a seasonal affliction that will soon pass.

21 April 2012 Seasonal bewitchment