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9 April 2012: Bowdu is the same size as a 15-week-old American Akita

Bowdu met a 15-week-old American Akita. The pit bull puppy was a little less confident, but cute too.

26 March 2012: Bowpi and puppy

While Bowdu was okay with that even-tempered Akita, he surely would have snarled at this super wriggly guy. Luckily, this pup chose to sidle up to his own red and white kind.

26 March 2012 Glomph!

And then there was this little beetle, who could barely stay still for a second…

26 March 2012: Which end up?

26 March 2012: Puppy tumble

… let alone remain upright. Silly thing. It was like she was deliberately throwing herself around to compensate for how gentle the Dane was being. Bowpi seemed as amused as I was.