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I suppose I’m on a posting binge this week after having been out of town for a stint. Anyway, I’m backtracking to Monday of this week, which was an excellent day for Taiwan dog-spotting. Not only did we see Ah Su (though they were on the other side of the bridge, so we didn’t get a chance to say hi), we also ran into this lovely little Shiba mix, Holly.

26 March 2012: Holly, Shiba mix from Taiwan

I joke about being a “dog stalker” with my camera, but it’s really only been the last year since I got this DSLR that I started seriously documenting the array of charming canines with whom we share our Bay Area dog parks. Yet, long before I’d started playing pupparazzi, Bowdu and I had met Holly when she was a mangy new rescue fresh off the boat (or plane, as it were) from Taiwan. I remembered her because I had taken pictures of her playing with Bowdu almost three years ago. And though I didn’t do anything with that footage and am not even sure I know where I stowed the digital files, the very act of photo documentation was enough to impress her story in my memory.

26 March 2012: Bowdu and Holly

There’s no way that Bowdu could have remembered interacting with her, but he did seem to take rather naturally to her, as he does with a few dogs. She is mostly a Shiba with just a hint of something else that’s downright difficult to describe. We’ll call it her unique mystique.

26 March 2012: Bowdu and Holly

Red and white gang

As our red and white gang was hanging out on the crest of the small slope, I noticed another very interesting shape romping across the glade…

26 March 2012: From a distance...

A Dutch Shepherd mix? The first Kai Ken I would get to meet in person?

Bowpi and Formosan

Nope, rather a historical remnant of those colonial regimes. He was a fairly typey example of a Formosan mountain dog.

I guess I was too caught up in the spontaneity of the meeting to get the brindle tugou’s name.

Holly and Formosan

Moments like this, I’m happy to have my camera on hand. These photos make each random encounter into a real event that I’ll be able to relive and recount years down the line.

I take pictures of other people’s dogs and post them on this humble little blog because I want to celebrate all the different ways that our social lives converge, are enriched, and are rendered surprising and marvelous, thanks to our pets. To that end, I vow to only speak well of dogs that are not my own, the dogs I file under Sightings. It’s the least I can do to express my appreciation for their involuntary participation in my cumulative canine education.