It has been pouring off and on throughout the month.

Still, we go to the park nearly every day. If we don’t, Bowdu will sit right at my side and stare at me, guilting me from getting any work done. Bowpi, on the other hand, would probably hold her pee for 16 hours if it meant she didn’t have to step out in the rain.

27 March 2012

A summary, for those unable to view the video —

Bowdu: Hey. It’s raining.
Bowpi: OMG OMG There is no escaaaaape!!! I give up.
Me: Bowpi! I am calling you though I have nothing to offer you.
Bowpi: Take me home you crazy bitch!
Bowdu: Yup, still raining. Hey, look. There’s another weirdo who came to the park in the rain…

Even on unexpectedly sunny days, muddy pools remain, requiring me to keep my Basenji on levitate mode.

28 March 2012: Cleared!