I am grateful to be done with conferencing for this academic year. I think the Bows are glad, too.

25 March 2012

While on the road, I missed Bowpi’s second Gotcha Day. How has it only been two years? We know her more completely than those countable months.

Yet, she continues to change, to grow bolder, more impish, more complex. Just when I think I know her boundaries, she will press just a little further.

25 March 2012: Pushing boundaries

Bowpi jumped up on the ottoman and practically sat down on Bowdu in this picture. This wouldn’t have been possible two years ago. The Bowdu of the past would have nipped her butt before flouncing off in a puff of fur and fury. Even now, he’s prone to complain quite vocally when anyone, human or canine, invades his space. So Bowpi knew there was risk involved when she chose that precise spot. She was trembling hard as she eased down, but never relinquished her desire to be close. That’s all she wanted — to be between Bowdu and me.

25 March 2012: Bushy-tailed Basenji

The difference now is that she’s willing to insist on her claim to comfort. I think she does so because she is more assured of our capacity to give her what she wants. Someday, that fluffy Shiba butt is going to make a nice Basenji chinrest, especially on a cold winter’s day… maybe a few more years from now.