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I can probably count the total number of well-matched play pals in Bowdu’s entire life on two hands.

This is one of them.

Bowdu & Ah Su
5 March 2012

When we first met Ah Su the Taiwan tugou several months ago, he caught our attention because he looked suspiciously like a Shiba mix. It’s definitely a possibility, given the popularity of Shibas in Taiwan. He has quite a slender build and relatively elongated form, though.

Playing rough

Ah Su was willing to play rough with Bowdu, rising to the challenge of his smack talk. Bowdu is really vocal when he plays, and he gets too intense too quickly for most other dogs who don’t seem to understand his body language.

But, like last time, Ah Su instantly connected with him.


There was a lot of butt-grabbing and mutual body-checking. I thought it was interesting that Bowdu actually let him get away with clutching his rump, but it seemed clear that this was done in the context of play, since Ah Su wasn’t actually humping him. Bowdu kept dropping and rolling to shake or kick him loose, but then he’d reengage by whipping the weight of his back end against Ah Su’s side. They truly made for a strange pair, especially with all of Bowdu’s growling.

Our tough guy was rather easily winded. He seldom gets the chance to exert himself like this with other dogs.


Before they parted ways, Bowdu had to get one final “word” in.

Showing off

We’ll see you around, Ah Su!

Liver nose