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Cost of (Pet) Things: February 2012

  • Food: $94
  • Treats: $39
  • Accessories and misc: $0
  • Grooming: $0
  • Vet & medical: $84
  • TOTAL: $217 (running average for 2 months, $175.50 / month)

Aurgh. How did we end up spending so much this month, especially on edibles?

Well for starters, in the Food & Treats categories, I got a 180g container of PlaqueOff on Amazon for $43. Three times the amount of our usual 60g containers, which cost around $22 ~ $25 at local stores. Times like this, I feel no qualms about turning to online discounts.

We should have saved a bit this month, thanks to a sponsored review from Mr. Chewy. I guess we’ll feel the savings in subsequent months as we work through all our edibles. Also filed under treats are two packs of C.E.T. Dental Chews we got at a good price in celebration of National Pet Dental Month. These are the only beefhide products we feed here at the House of Two Bows.

As for Vet & medical costs, Bowpi went in for a checkup at a new vet for a mole/wart thing that’s been growing on her front leg. It didn’t seem to alarm the vet and he didn’t push any tests. He told us some of our options if we did want to get it more thoroughly checked out; in the meantime, we’re keeping an eye on it. So for the first time ever, we left our vet appointment with a double-digit vet bill, a “mere” $68 for the consultation.

Meanwhile, Bowdu needed a refill of Soloxine, and we’re doing something slightly different this time.

Soloxine 0.2mg vs. 0.4 mg

Instead of getting one 0.2mg pink tablet twice a day, he’s getting half a 0.4mg purple tablet twice a day. Based on the price list at Drs. Foster & Smith, our regular way would have been 12 cents a day for medication. This way, we’re paying 8 cents a day for medication.

Yes, it’s the difference of pennies. But considering that Bowdu will be on this thyroid medication for the rest of his life, every extra cent makes a different, doesn’t it?