We eat a lot of pie at the House of Two Bows.

Sweet potato pie & egg custard pie
13 September 2011. Double pie night: sweet potato pie and egg custard pie.

Apple pie
3 October 2011. Apple pie.

And there’s always a curly-tailed mooch lurking quietly in the background. Bowdu has quite a sweet tooth.

Cherry cream pie
13 February 2012. Cherry cream pie.

We used to give him huge chunks of crust and we’d let him lick gobs of glazed fruit or cream off the plate. But since we started being more mindful of his weight and his diet, we’ve cut back. No more cream, none of the super sweet pies (denied even a single lick of that last one above!), no artificial colors or flavors, and barely any crust.

We’ll still permit him about a thumb’s worth of sweet potato, blueberry, or apple pie filling, but that’s about it these days. Just enough to make sure his bad habits persist. He gets away with it because he exercises far greater self control than we have ever imposed on ourselves. Bowdu just sits and waits patiently. If he gets a bite, then his hope was justified. If not, then he just slumphs off with no fuss.

He knows there will be another chance to wait. And watch. And mooch.

For the humans can resist neither a good pie nor his Shiba charms.