Yup, I’m still plugging away at my finances project! This year, we’ll be able to crunch numbers alongside Maya and Conker, two West Coast Shibas who have also pledged to blog their expenses in 2012. Maya’s will be quite interesting to me because we live in the same general area, and Conker’s will be the object of much envy, judging from their first month’s tally and what they’ve indicated in the past about cost of living in their area…

Cost of (Pet) Things: January 2012

  • Food: $19
  • Treats: $5
  • Accessories and misc: $80
  • Grooming: $30
  • TOTAL: $134

Food & Treats:
I said it shouldn’t be hard to get their food expenses in the single-digit category this month, given how much we’ve got stocked up. Well, I was wrong. I forgot about supplements. At least we did a reasonable job holding back on treats.

Accessories & misc:
Bought poop bags. Bowpi also got some new pretty things which I will blog about later…

Bunny collar
31 January 2012

I didn’t use this category last year, because I had it in mind that this was only for trips to professional groomers. Actually, we do purchase quite a few grooming supplies for at-home use. This month’s expenses included a 3-pack bundle of unscented baby wipes from Target ($5), and something that I’ve been holding off for a long time…

… a pet Dremel. Zzhhhhrhrhrhrrrrrr!

We’re not 100% of the way to getting the Bows acclimated yet, but I’m proud of how well they’re adjusting, especially Bowdu. More later.