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This is the real Super Bowl in my town — the local grocery store that is affectionately called “The Bowl.”

20120205 Mega Omegas

They stock an extensive variety of oils in a refrigerated case. There are a few pet-specific oils in the mix as well, like Nordic Naturals Pet Cod Liver Oil — available for the “everyday low price” of $36.49 for a 16-oz bottle or $20.35 for an 8-oz bottle.

We do supplement with fish oil here, but I haven’t actually investigated if we could be purchasing our Omegas in a more cost-efficient manner.

Funny enough, a year ago on this day, I posted a very similar picture of various liquid herbal extracts available just around the endcap. I guess I stick to certain habits, and I’m still enthralled by plenitude at The Bowl.