For the month of February, there’s going to be just a little more photo activity here at the House of Two Bows. That’s because every February since 2007, I’ve participated in a project that my friend Josh dubbed the Roll of 28 (“because film never came in rolls of 28”). As we’ve both done our time in the Midwest, where winter is wrist-slittingly dreary and even the shortest month of the year seems interminably long, this project became a way to get through the season with a little color, artistry, and sense of purpose.

The social media platform where Roll of 28 members used to share their pictures is basically dead… and I’m reluctant to return just for the sake of this annual ritual, as dear as it is to me. So in violation of tradition, I’m posting my daily photos here.

Join me, if you’d like. The rules are simple:

  • Post one picture a day.
  • The picture must have been taken on that day.
  • Do this for the entire month of February.

Ready… set… go!

What are YOU lookin' at?
20120201 – What are YOU lookin’ at?

I’ll start with Hobbes the Basenji — now with bonus tree-climbing abilities!