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Cool Jack
12 January 2012

Little Jack here is the coolest dog around during football season.

Li'l Jack

I couldn’t help but notice his distinctive coloring, coat pattern, and that wisp of a curly tail. He is quite short, with a very wide stance. I asked his owner if he knew him to have any Basenji in his background, but since Jack was found as a stray, it’s anybody’s guess. So my guess is that he’s a Basenji-Dachshund mix. Or maybe something achondroplastic plus a red Italian greyhound, given his highly animated flip-ears (though the deep red Iggies seem even rarer than Basenjis around these parts).

Here comes Jack

I only got a few clear shots because he was pressed up way too close for me to get a proper portrait! Whatever he was, he was cute, and he had super soft, glossy fur that I was happy to keep petting.