This post is backdated for the day of the SOPA protest, and submitted after the fact.

The House of Two Bows broke with our rigorous posting schedule because it seemed egregious to continue with “business as usual” when so many websites that we hold near and dear were blacked out, from Wikipedia to WordPress. By joining the strike, we were able to step aside from the blog for a day and turn our focus towards what was at stake.

I can’t say that I completely understand the proposed laws inside and out… but I think that’s okay. That signals work that remains to be done. After all, there’s a lot to wade through. Part of this was about the continuous process of paying attention to legislation that could and would affect how we operate on a basic level. I’m a little rattled by how little I would have known about SOPA and PIPA if a bunch of folks that I personally know (and not just websites) hadn’t insisted that we ALL take a look and DO something, trusting that what we saw would instantly make the bill very unpopular.

They were right. Sometimes it’s good to listen to your friends, yanow.

We might be just a dog blog. But just as our dogs prime us to be in our local communities, wherever that might be, so too is this blog situated within and an extension of the internet as an inextricably linked whole. Because this “place” is where we live and hang out, we felt it necessary to participate and react in our own way, too.

Checking in
15 January 2012

And now, back to the dogs…