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26 December 2011

According to an interesting link posted on the Nihon Ken Forum about the Canine Behavioral Type Index


  • Bowdu is a REBEL (SAH – Spontaneous, Alpha, High energy)

    The Rebel is a High (H) energy, full blooded dog with presence and attitude. Its focus is narrow, strong, and often not on its owner. Aimless, free activity suits the Rebel. It loves to go jogging, have a wander and sniff about.


  • Bowpi is a DIPLOMAT (OGM – Organized, Gamma, Medium energy)

    The Diplomat is a task focused, submissive character employing passive, medium energy techniques. It strives to keep order in a small but meaningful area and do the leader’s bidding in a passive, sometimes underhanded manner. The combination of Submissive (Gamma or G) and Medium (M) energy factors make the Diplomat a soft, loving, easy care character.

Hmm, maybe those pictures don’t match the descriptions so well, but the labels fit. I’ve used awfully similar terms to describe each of them before! Anyway, I thought the Two Bows’ responses to the extremely deferential Yorkie would illustrate some of the contrast. Bowdu rooed vigorously and moved as if to splat the pup (who was doing his best to flatten himself!). Bowpi towered over him, only to gently sniff his quivering eyeball.

There are a total of twelve types, labeled as follows: Commando, Defender, Deputy, Director, Sentry, Diplomat, Rebel, Adventurer, Investigator, Aristocrat, Dreamer, Companion.

An online canine personality test located here will tell you which box your dog can be slotted into. While I don’t agree with aspects of its rubric, and therefore have no intention of purchasing the full report that the site tries to sell at the end of the quiz, it’s kind of fun for a diversion. Yanow, like canine astrology.