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THE COST OF (PET) THINGS: December 2011

  • FOOD: $121
  • TREATS: $44

TOTAL: $165
(Running average for the past 12 months: $249 / month)


I learned a lesson last year: stock up on canned pumpkin between October and January while it’s still available, because it’ll be somewhat difficult to find (or expensive) come June or July! I cleared out the shelf when I grabbed these six 15 oz. cans of organic pumpkin at $1.99 each from Trader Joe’s. Compare this to Fruitables Pumpkin Digestive Supplement, which is the only comparable thing I can find during “dry” months and a total ripoff at $3.99 a can.

Also stocked up on turkey; let the Thanksgiving and Christmas slaughter not be in vain! We had to buy another bag of kibble and I went with the more expensive Acana Pacifica instead of our usual Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream because I wanted to encourage that local pet store to keep it in stock. And lastly, there was a Primal Raw coupon that I wanted to use… so I went way overboard on food this month.

My goal is to start off 2012’s food expenses in the single digit range for January. It shouldn’t be hard.

Treats & Accessories:
I totally succumbed to wanton holiday consumerism… While shopping for our Shiba and Basenji Buddies, I couldn’t resist throwing some edibles into the pile for the Bows, too. I didn’t include what I spent on participating in the gift exchanges, since this wasn’t directly for the Bows. Nevertheless, they ended up with a WEALTH of treats and toys that will surely spill over into the next month… and the month after that…

RJ and Bowdu were both moving too quickly for me to capture the opening of the Shiba surprise.

Venison "hunde truffels"Ostrich training treats

Bowpi is chomping on her European Greenie from our awesome Dutch Basenji Buddy. I’m most excited about trying these venison Hunde-Trüffel (“ein unwiderstehlicher Snack und ein Ergänzungsfuttermittel für den Hund!”) and these Swiss ostrich treats, as this is not a protein we regularly find in local pet stores.

* * *

So there! I tracked our total dog expenditures as best as I could for an entire year! And what did I learn from this experience? Um, I’ll get to that in my next post on pet finances… because I’m not done with this project yet.