You know how there are some dogs at the park who delight in running after other dogs, just because they can?

Chaser gets chased
26 December 2011

That’s Bowpi. Of course, it’s even better if they turn around and chase her. But when the dog in question can’t be distracted from their singularly important task (Ball!!!), she’s happy to run alongside.

Ruby's got the ball

Everybody chase the corgi!

There was some amazing fog at the park that day.

At one point, we found ourselves knee-deep in a stream of Corgis. The woman with the Chuck-It had just one, Ruby, whom we’d been watching and listening to during her obsessive game of fetch. Another woman had all the others. It was pretty intense.


There were two or three more that didn’t even make it into this frame. And every single one of them was more interested in cheerleading for Ruby, rather than chasing Bowpi!

With Cheerleaders

WAYTOGO! YOU GOTTHEBALL! ATTAGIRL RUBEEEEEE! Yup, these little guys sure do know how to make a fuss.