Things were a bit hectic this Christmas weekend, so just a quick photo update for now. The Bows finally got to dip into their Secret Shiba Santa stash, delivered all the way from New York!

25 December 2011

There were lots of awesome goodies in the box, but the one that Bowdu really went nuts over was the Christmas monkey. As spoiled as the Bows are, I don’t usually buy them stuffed toys because frankly, Bowdu doesn’t know how to make them last very long.


Of course, he appreciates them in his own way!

After Bowdu had slaked his flufflust and was feeling less possessive about his toy, Bowpi was able to sneak in and steal a limb.




If the Bows were left to fend for themselves on the streets, I think Bowdu could do all right, but poor Bowpi would probably become scraggly and thin with malnutrition, picking off bony cast-offs and stringy carrion. Still, we were all impressed that Bowdu was as willing to share as he was. After he already had his fill, of course.