After we adopted Bowpi, I had been steeled for some potential destruction, given the breed’s reputation. Instead, “She’s been an absolute angel,” I cooed to others. No accidents, no fuss, and no need to be crated — in contrast to her previous life, we found no need to keep her in her box.

At the outset, other Basenji people would warn me not to be lulled into a false sense of peace during our honeymoon period. Those devil horns would sprout, they warned — just give her personality some time to emerge.

Pulling cotton candyCaught in the act

What? I didn't do nothin'.
10 December 2011

Well, over a year and a half after we adopted her, she FINALLY wrecked something she wasn’t allowed to shred — the napping pillow I kept in the back seat of the car.

Looking at that face, I can’t say I scolded her too much. I just stuffed the other end of the pillow back into the case, told her not to do it again, and left it where she found it.

I’m pleased to know that even though she is a mature little lady, she still possesses a healthy naughty streak. And I think I can trace this mini fit of destruction back to a reason. Lately, Bowpi has become increasingly anxious during the ride. Perhaps because we go to the park almost every day, the luxury of routine has heightened her anticipation, such that she’s added some new vocabulary to her range of self expression:

Bowpi the backseat driver tells me to STEP ON IT!

She must have started fixating on that corner of my pillow to cope with the sheer AGONY of remaining patient for fifteen whole minutes. Only when she had worked the threads loose and was audibly tearing at the pillow did I realize that was how she had been biding her time in the backseat.

Frankly, I’m glad it was the pillow and not the car upholstery!