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THE COST OF (PET) THINGS: November 2011

  • FOOD: $59
  • TREATS: $40
  • VET/MEDICAL: $50

TOTAL: $162
(Running average for 11 months so far: $257 / month)

IMG_3477The usual meat here and there, a refill of enough fish oil to last us months, and something new: a bottle of inulin to “enhance calcium absorption” and “promote probiotic bacteria growth“. A 180 gram container cost $8.99 around my parts. I picked up a bottle manufactured by Jarrow Formulas. It’s going to last a long time since I’m only adding a couple pinches of this sweet powder to the Bows’ wet meals. I’m also adding some to my own diet, when I remember — funny how I am more consistent with the dogs’ supplements than I am with my own. Anyway, we’ll give this a couple months and see where it goes.

The usual treats here and there. Also picked up two pieces of Merrick’s Porky Jerky Pumpers (pig heart), since we seldom see pork meat-based treats in the store, aside from ears and snouts.


At $3.99 for each 2.5 oz shrink-wrapped pack, it felt like a rip-off. I think I’d rather swing through the local Asian market and get the dogs the real, raw thing.

Or maybe it’s time to just invest in a dehydrator. Any recommendations?

Bowdu got a basket muzzle.

Basket muzzle training
1 November 2011

The Basenji Health Endowment was subsidizing OFA Fanconi retests for dogs who had previously submitted saliva samples. Even though Bowpi had originally tested Probably Clear/Normal for the linked marker test, even though it was unlikely that a probably clear dog would have their results change to becoming “affected,” even though she is spayed, and even though we have no pedigree information for her, I still wanted to take advantage of this discount for my own peace of mind.

We haven’t gotten the results back yet, but I’m not worried.

20 October 2011