We saw the warning, but did not heed it.

Unheeded warning

Turns out that “rough” trail means “very, very muddy” trail.

Cutting through 1Cutting through 2Cutting through 3

Cutting through 4
Jeez, the jerk could’ve at LEAST said EXCUSE me.

Cutting through 6Cutting through 7Cutting through 8

The Bows make it look so easy, but I had to pick my way carefully across the steep path and slick, exposed tree roots, especially since I had the camera on me. When I finally got over the ledge, I saw the Bows waiting on the other side.

Why the dogs needed baths today
The two-legged one is SO SLOW.

Well, at least one of us stayed relatively clean. And it could’ve been a lot worse!

Muddy buddyIMG_1743