We got caught in the rain for about two minutes at the dog park last week.

It wasn’t that cold — temps were in the low 60’s — but the drops got fairly heavy for a bit. Bowdu was unfazed, but Bowpi whimpered and rushed into the brush…

11 November 2011

I watched from underneath my umbrella as she tried to dig herself a little shelter.


I hate you.

Her half-assed effort didn’t provide the coverage she wanted, so Bowpi stared daggers at me in reproach for dragging her out in this awful weather.

It’s rare to see the Sweet ‘Pi looking so angry!


Fortunately, the sudden downpour soon subsided to a thin drizzle. By the time we were leaving the park, the rain had stopped altogether. Windshield wipers were still necessary on the drive home, but inside the car, the Bows were impervious to foul weather.