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Cover for the 2012 BRAT calendar (credit: R. Longcore)

The 2012 Basenji Rescue and Transport (BRAT) Calendars are now available for order! We got one last year and were very pleased with the quality and abundance of photos. This was the first year we got to participate as a voting volunteer, and we’re excited that Bowpi made it to the list of winning photos. You’ll have to check the order page to find out which one made the cut!

We would be getting a calendar even if Bowpi wasn’t part of the lineup. The variety of photos featuring all these neat little Basenjis engaged in oddly familiar (and a few surprising!) activities is one way to bridge the geographic spread of this well-organized but dispersed breed rescue. And of course, all proceeds go to helping the dogs being fostered and cared for in the BRAT system.

The BRAT calendar will look nice on the wall. Meanwhile, I have something for the desk as well, thanks to our friend Maggie who brought this weekly Shiba calendar all the way from Japan.


Sorry, I have no ordering information on this one, because I don’t know where they stock world-traveling friends who are willing to bring home dog-related goodies from the other side of the world.

If you need some other ways to count the days, might I suggest these two click campaigns that will last at least through the month of November:

The Animal Rescue Site is hosting another Shelter Challenge, with weekly prizes to top recipients. Basenji Rescue and Transport (BRAT) (look them up in Garland, Texas though volunteers are all over North America) asks for your daily clicks to stay on top of the rankings. At this time, BRAT is just barely out of the national top 10, but a few dedicated daily voters could make a difference.

Tikaani the Husky & Safyre the cat (credit: B. Bennett)

Over at Kuranda Beds, there’s a tense, seesawing stand-off between Tikaani the Siberian Husky, batting on behalf of NYC Shiba Rescue, and… well, it doesn’t matter, because we see only the couple pictured at left. The winner at the end of this month’s round of daily votes will win five Kuranda beds for the rescue of their choice.

We’re on the Shiba Side in this battle because we think NYC Shiba Rescue deserves props for emerging from their temporary hiatus last year to become one of the most organized groups we’ve got going for the breed. They’ve already done some great work in their (relatively) short time on the scene. Every bit of support keeps the momentum going! Click the picture to cast your vote!