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30 October 2011

I didn’t manage to get all the attendees in one shot, but this was at least half the group!

It was pretty cool to see this girl again:


Recognize those ears? It’s Roxy, whom we helped deliver to her foster family back in September. Rumor has it that Roxy has hit the jackpot and found herself an awesome home with two doting humans and another Basenji friend to keep her company — that is, her foster-turned-forever family!

Meanwhile, I think Bowdu managed to snark a little less this time, since he had a better memory of how the routine goes given that the last unofficial meetup was just a couple weeks ago. He even broke into a run as we approached the curve in the path and he saw the Basenji pack congregated around the picnic table. I’m pretty sure he recognized the Special Foodgiver from a distance…


And he knows whom to keep an eye on.


Bowpi kept her distance almost the entire time. It’s now apparent to me that she’s not entirely comfortable with large Basenji crowds, but I don’t think she’s totally antisocial. For example, she didn’t shy away from Mr. Bojangles the Bloodhound, even though his head likely weighed as much as her entire body.


It was nice to see Dannii again. He did seem in good spirits and was lavished with attention, though he did get tired midway through the meetup. There was no trouble finding a scenic sunbathing spot.

Dannii relaxes

Hopefully the weather’s just as nice this weekend. I’m still trying to get the “perfect” shot of Dannii for his momma. You can read about his struggles with canine lymphoma on their blog, and please send some well wishes their way.