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We had two kinds of visitors this weekend.

First was an unwelcome house mouse, captured in one of our live traps.

Unwanted visitor
28 October 2011

Bowdu has shown himself quite eager to handle the responsibilities of pest control. Bowpi, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be enjoying her ringside seat.

We drove the mousey up to frat row, released him onto the sidewalk, and wished him the best of luck!

And then in the afternoon, we picked up this little old lady…


Welcome visitor

13-year-old Lula was moving from a pet motel into foster care with BRAT, but she needed a place to crash for the night, so we invited her over to the House of Two Bows.

It had been the first time since M– passed away that another canine guest had actually stepped foot in the house.

At first, Bowdu seemed a little miffed that ANOTHER Basenji had taken over his corner of the futon. I could just picture his worried little thought bubble: These twerps are EVERYwhere, and they could infiltrate our home at any time! I had to remove some pillows to prove to him that three dogs could fit comfortably, and there was no need to feel left out.

Welcome visitor

Bowpi’s default neutrality is overruled by SLEEP mode at home, so I didn’t anticipate any trouble from her. Bowdu, on the other hand, requires a long adjustment period to really welcome canine visitors. He seems more tolerant of mellow, slow-moving dogs, as is the case for both Lula and Bowpi. Once Lula had surveyed the layout of the house, and after she had divested one accessible trash can of its tissue, she was content to settle down and keep to herself.


She did keep her eyes on me whenever I was in the room. And occasionally a chin, too.

That’s one of my weaknesses for this breed, even if it’s something that Bowdu, with his space bubble issues, will never appreciate: Basenjis know how to cuddle (without being typical “lapdogs”), and they’re experts at keeping a warm bed.

Morning view
29 October 2011

She did close her eyes eventually, and we were lullabyed by surround-sound snoring that night, as the two Basenjis breathed in time and mingled in dreams.

The above was my Saturday morning view, about half an hour before another BRAT volunteer arrived to drive her to her foster home. Unlike the mouse, she’s most assuredly safe and in much better hands. We wish her the very best, as well!

Speaking of visitors, remember to watch out for your door bolters who may take advantage of trick-or-treaters. Have a safe Halloween!