Licked ya
6 September 2011

Today’s entry comes from…

Lu Xun. “The Dog’s Retort.” 23 April 1925. Trans. Gladys Yang and Yang Xianyi. Lu Xun Selected Works. Vol. 1. Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 2003. 345.

Lu Xun [魯迅]. “Gou de bojie [狗的駁詰].” 1925. Lu Xun quan ji [魯迅全集]. Vol. 2. Beijing: Renmin wenxue chu ban she [人民文學出版社], 2005. 203.

I dreamed I was walking in a narrow lane, my clothes in rags, like a beggar.
我夢見自己在隘巷中行走, 衣履破碎, 像乞食者.

A dog started barking behind me.

I looked back contemptuously and shouted at him: “Bah! Shut up! Lick-spittle cur!”
我傲慢地回顧, 叱吒說:「呔! 住口! 你這勢力的狗!」

He sniggered. “Oh no!” he said. “I’m not up to man in that respect.”
「嘻嘻!」 他笑了, 還接著說, 「不敢, 愧不如人呢.」

“What!” Quite outraged, I felt that this was the supreme insult.
「什麼!?」 我氣憤了, 覺得這是一個極端的侮辱.

“I’m ashamed to say I still don’t know how to distinguish between copper and silver, between silk and cloth, between official and common citizens, between masters and their slaves, between…”
「我慚愧: 我終於還不知道分別銅和銀; 還不知道分別布和綢; 還不知道分別官和民; 還不知道分別主和奴; 還不知道…」

I turned and fled.

“Wait a bit! Let us talk some more…” From behind he urged me loudly to stay.
「且慢! 我們再談談…」 他在後面大聲挽留.

But I ran straight on as fast I could, until I had run straight out of my dream and was back in my own bed.
我一徑逃走, 盡力地走, 直到逃出夢境, 躺在自己的床上.


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