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The previous post included a picture of Bowdu’s “Ace Face” as I imagined it, based on a picture I took of his mellowness riding in the car (a favorite, soothing activity).

This is his real Ace Face.

He's so hiiigh
12 October 2011

Within 30 minutes of swallowing his pill, he was dragging his feet around the house. In the above picture, I interrupted his sunbathing about an hour after dosing, but it’s all cooool, man… That’s because he had no idea that a trip to the vet was imminent.

Bowdu at the vet
At the vet.

Truth is, he remained fairly alert, though there was a lingering dullness to his eyes to suggest that he wasn’t all there. But he was ambulatory, and if he could move, he could still bite. He walked himself into the vet’s examination room just fine, and was still pretty quick to back away when the stethoscope came out (nope, he can’t even handle that non-invasive procedure). He snapped a couple times at approaching hands when we were trying to muzzle him. They were fearful, back off snaps and not aggressive, lunging biting. Though he didn’t look like he was serious about making contact, we still didn’t want any techs or docs getting hurt!

So I let the professionals take him to the next room for his blood draw, where I heard three long shrieks expressing his extreme displeasure… then there was silence, at which point I figured that they had stabbed him with a knock-out dose of Dormitor or something. Many minutes passed. I remained in the examination room, waiting for an update. Then I heard his tags jangling down the short corridor and soon, he was pulling the vet back on the other end of the leash.

Yesterday’s damage:

Office Call, $53.00
Acepromazine (Quantity: 3), $15.82
Total body function [complete bloodwork], $163.00
T3/free T3 test [requested in addition to fT4/T4], $100 $60

TOTAL: $291.82

Do you notice what’s missing from this pricey bill?

No tranquilizers/reversers! The vet reported that once they were able to get “a good grip” on Bowdu, he was “actually pretty good.” I didn’t ask for details; I was just relieved that nobody got hurt during the process, including my dog.

Given the relative “success” of this vet visit, the doctor seemed to think that pre-dosing with Ace was a viable option. So as long as this temporary remedy works, we’ll use it, though I will refrain from singing its praises until I’ve seen it in action a few more times, preferably in a few different contexts.

Honestly, Bowdu’s never going to be completely comfortable at the vet, no matter how many hot dogs I ask them to stuff down his throat. But at least he was willing to accept treats even in the exam room, so overall it did seem to go better than it has in the past.

Bowdu at the vet