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14 September 2011

For a background explanation on why I’m charting our monthly pet expenses, please check my first post in this series.

THE COST OF (PET) THINGS: September 2011

  • FOOD: $57
  • TREATS: $29
  • VET/MEDICAL: $35

TOTAL: $144
(Running average for 9 months so far: $233 / month)

OMG, we still have so much Honest Kitchen Zeal, I’m starting to wonder if we’ll finish it all before the “Best By” date of December. We’re still on our first 10 pound box. I should have had no need to buy another 5-pound bag of kibble ($12) but it’s convenient to have on hand when we’re too rushed in the morning. Nor did I really need to buy more meats (approx $18 worth), except it’s hard to resist a sale (99 cents / pound of sardines!). I did need to replenish our supply of PlaqueOff (the last bottle was purchased in May), yogurt, and Vitamin E — supplements that are part of their core diet.

I decided to place our first order with Creston Valley Meats in this category.

Gallon bags of repackaged ostrich frames

We first heard about this California traveling butcher from Julie and the Inus. Creston Valley Meats stocks some unusual proteins and services lots of raw dog foodies at extremely competitive prices. I jumped at the chance to order some ostrich frames, which are not your typical grocery store fare. The awesome part: they cost a mere $0.75 / pound plus $5 delivery fee, and Bowdu loves them as an intense, edible workout. The not so awesome part: you’re required to purchase by the box, Bowpi turned her nose up at this offering, and they come with a minimal amount of attached meat, so they’re not really suitable as raw meals, but more like a dental treat. Which means it’s going to take us forever to get through this 18 pound box.

Also, we found a local company, Bark Stix, that makes wheat-free salmon and potato treats with a portion of proceeds going to greyhound rescue. Pretty sweet! Review forthcoming.

I bought a fleece jacket and arctic ‘fur’ jacket for Bowpi. Bargain scores at about 85% off! Yanow, I used to scoff at people who bought clothes for their dogs. Then we got a temperature-sensitive Basenji…

Bought an anti-itch and anti-skin irritation tonic (review forthcoming) and more dog toothpaste.

Next month, Bowdu is due for his blood draw and thyroid panel, so I don’t expect to fare well in this category. Stay tuned!