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I managed to get Bowdu onto a scale this week, and was shocked to find that he weighed in at…

28 August 2011

… 28.7 pounds. In other words, about 4 pounds less than his peak plumpness last year (33 pounds), and right at what I consider his ideal weight of 29 pounds, +/- 1 pound. I thought he’d been looking pretty good lately, but damn, I hadn’t realized just how fit he is. Fluffiness can be deceptive; I was still figuring his weight at over 30 pounds. In the above picture, I scrunched up a handful of fur on his hindquarters to indicate the thickness of his coat. You can also see his hotspot/lick granuloma on his front left leg, which is the worst it’s gotten all summer.

1 September 2011

12 September 2011. Flared up a little and got worse, but it’s going away again.

Compared to this time last year, the difference is pretty stark.

21 August 2010. His feet are oozy and bloody in a few places.

And again, another one from last year:

27 August 2010. His head is in a cone to keep him from mutilating himself.

It’s not just the effect of a better camera. It’s the result of better diet, better grooming, and more careful (and limited) medicine.

Allow me this moment to bask in feeling like a pretty good dog owner, as I haven’t always known what I’m doing in this regard. Right now, both Bows are in great shape, and I am flush with pride. And relief!

2 September 2011