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Well, our attempt at meeting up with the Bay Area Shiba group failed this weekend when I miscalculated how long it would take to swing through Japantown to drop off my little sister on the way. With Saturday traffic, I should have budgeted an extra two hours — that’s how late we were. By the time we got there, most folks had already left, and there was little at the hot, dusty dog park to keep the Bows entertained.

We might have been better off just staying in Japantown. Or perhaps not, because both dogs were terrified of the crowds. Booming J-Pop blasting over loudspeakers, dolled up cosplayers with giant swords and bangles and protrusions and other strange accessories, and squealing, overenthusiastic otaku who mostly wanted to pet Bowdu? Not his idea of fun.

27 August 2011

We did see more dogs at the J-Pop Summit Festival than the dog park, though. Even if some of them were tiiiny.


Bowpi was also very skittish and obviously feeding off Bowdu’s anxiety, but she was behaving as the more controlled of the two. When I instructed strangers to bend down and reach from underneath if they wanted to greet Bowdu, he would still move away, refusing to interact, but Bowpi would approach for a cautious sniff.


I was shocked that the pursedog didn’t even pique his interest in the slightest. He kept darting in and out of his little orange hole like a Whack-a-Mole, but Bowdu was not in the mood to take the bait.


At least this guy, named Tabasco, had a cozy place to hide!