I sense... a shadow
18 August 2011

This is the best that I expect whenever Bowdu meets another Shiba. I actually like it when they quietly ignore each other, and just acknowledge the shibaness of the other with little fanfare.


There’s a new Bay Area Shiba meetup group, and I’ve decided to bring the Bows to the inaugural meeting. I gotta admit that I’m not thrilled about it happening in an enclosed, tree-less dog park on a Saturday afternoon (when I assume it’s going to be quite busy), but we’ll see how it goes. He did just fine in Novato, but he was on leash the entire time. There was also plenty of hubbub to keep him from getting too fixated on any one thing. However, my experience at dog parks laid out like the one at which this meetup is happening is that Bowdu gets bored when he has nothing else to do except interact with other dogs, and when he gets bored, he sometimes gets cranky.

Anyway, I’ll walk them a bit before meeting up with the group. That usually takes off some of the edge.