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Though I’m having trouble pulling myself back into a school year frame of mind, things have quickly gone back to normal for the Bows. Since the Doggy Daddy doesn’t drive, they missed out on their daily dog park visits while I was gone. However, both of their skin irritations improved steadily in my absence. Hmmm…

I hate to admit it, but it seems pretty clear that the outdoors that we all love so much does contribute to their allergic flareups.

So it’s some kind of trade-off. Quality of life versus perfect skin? As long as we can keep things in control, I think they’d rather have their visits to the dog parks.

20 August 2011

Here is a handsome pair of Whippet brothers whom we frequently run into. I love how prominent Bowpi’s ridge appears as she anticipates their approach.

Whippet in yer eye

A curious, gentle muzzle in her face…


They stand quite a bit taller than Bowpi, though they don’t seem that much bigger.

I think she was playing it safe this time, as she had gotten overzealous the last time she initiated play with another sighthound. Just a couple days ago, we ran into our Sloughi friend at another dog park. Bowpi was the one who actually goaded the Sloughi into a game of chase, but there’s no way she could have outrun the leggy young dog. She accidentally got trampled at one point, shrieking in fright.

(Warning: loud wind in the video — turn down your speakers if you find it as annoying as I do.)

Video taken 18 August 2011

As soon as Bowpi tapped out, the Sloughi diverted his attentions to a larger German Shepherd in the vicinity. Bowpi took a second to collect herself, but she went trotting off right after them again. She’s funny in that she gets overwhelmed easily, but rebounds quickly and will carry right on as if nothing happened.