Mission here accomplished, more or less — I’m ready to head back now.

27 July 2011

Shortly after this entry is posted, I’ll be coasting onto the highway and heading back home. Don’t know where the next update will be coming from, but it’ll be somewhere out West.

The last time I made this trek, I was in the company of three tough guys — two human, one canine. This time, I’m going solo, and I’m basically okay with that.

I did reach out to numerous rescue groups to see if any pups needed a lift anywhere along the way. My mom’s feelings were a little hurt that I would prefer the company of a strange dog over her. However, unlike my mother, I doubt a dog would really quibble over my choice in music, nor would he try to micronavigate. He’d be free to sing along in the car and neither of us would judge. And somehow, I know that the extra precious cargo would keep me alert and more awake, even if it just means having another living thing to talk to instead of myself.

Alas, my timing seems to be off. Maybe something will come through. But I’m also ready to eat up all this gas on my own. I’ll make the best of these dogless days, but oh, how utterly unreal it’s been…