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29 July 2011


  • FOOD: $235
  • TREATS: $61
  • VET/MEDICAL: $35

TOTAL: $343
(Running average for 7 months so far: $276 / month)

For a background explanation on why I’m charting our monthly pet expenses, please check my first post in this series.

Food: I was loaded with manufacturer’s coupons that were set to expire this month, so I made a strategic choice to splurge this month. After all, you can’t really pass up on a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer on 10 pounds of Honest Kitchen’s Zeal, even if it’s probably the most expensive dog food we would ever feed the Bows when purchased at normal retail price (about $98 a box which is supposed to make 43 pounds of food). At any rate, this figure accounts for well over 100 pounds of food and over $100 in “savings” … which means we should be well stocked for months, I hope!

Treats: Buy three get one free deals at one of my local pet stores drives this figure up every few months.

Miscellaneous and Accessories: That’s a year’s worth of poop bags for us. We get by on recycled bags and judicious use of doggy bag “gifts” paid for by our tax dollars and public donations at local parks.

Vet/meds: Various OTC meds and tonics to help the Bows combat allergy season. No vet visits to report this month, but I may have something to say about the efficacy of some of the stuff we tried… especially if I conclude that we were ripped off after the end of our trials.