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This is a quick log of Bowdu’s dermal health, and to compare his summer allergies with almost the exact same time last year

I’m happy to report that there’s not much to report.

24 July 2011

This year…

  • Raw and home-cooked meals make up at least 50% of his diet.
  • He’s on thyroid support (Soloxine).
  • He gets more daily nutritional supplements (in addition to the ones we were already using last year) like yucca, grass/pollen combatants, Vitamin E, etc.
  • He’s NOT on any prescription allergy drugs (though he’s been getting OTC antihistamines 1 – 2x a day).
  • He’s NOT in a cone.
  • He’s not licking his paw pads.
  • He’s still licking the same spots on his front “wrists” and the top of his back toes, though the spots are a lot smaller.
  • He still hates getting topical ointments rubbed on his parts, unless he’s in the car.
  • His paws are wiped down after every walk through grass and dirt.
  • He’s less smelly and his skin is less greasy.
  • He’s gotten 3 or 4 baths since the beginning of summer, purpose not being to drench him but to wash away allergens and loosen some undercoat.
  • He’s been brushed a lot less, though I will manually remove fur as I pet him, and I’m doing a lot more sweeping.

In summary, he’s doing really well, and is infinitely more manageable this year. The pictures show that he’s not in perfect condition, but again, compared to last year… wow.

However, August has typically been his worst month. He’s also due for another thyroid check, so I’m still holding my breath until we get through the dog days.

I’ll have another update on Bowpi’s skin breakout later. She does appear to be getting better, but progress on her has been a lot slower than anticipated.