12 July 2011

I made a small mix of dog songs for you.

By my side he was curled: dog songs mix 1

Clicking on the title above should take you to an audio player where you can listen to the following in no particular order:

  • Okkervil River: Dead Dog Song
  • Afrosound: Dog, Cat
  • Ozzie Waters: I’d Like to Give My Dog to Uncle Sam
  • Richard and Robert Sherman: No Dogs Allowed [Snoopy Come Home soundtrack]
  • playsoundz: Doggie Don’t, Doggie Do
  • Sugar and the Spices: Do the Dog
  • The Dillards: Old Blue
  • Red Foley: Old Shep

I guess 8tracks.com playlists are embeddable on tumblr blogs, but alas, not on WordPress.com hosted sites. Therefore, you’ll have to make do with this awkward format. I’ve got a long list of dog songs and access to lots of awesome music, so this is going to turn into a semi-regular feature.